Senryu: published in Prune Juice

Accepted and published in the November issue of "Prune Juice : Journal of Senryu, Kyoka, Haibun, & Haiga"

waiting room
I turn my back
to the clock

grocery store
an old man asks
for his own address

career shift
a room full of posters
now empty

          - Bhawana

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This Humanity

In the bound of time and space Unaware and out of place Everyday beholds the same shining sun The reasons kept, the reasons burnt An opinion can change with just a gaze It can be dark while you’re in daze The journey sums up in different lines For some just a run, for some sublime Forever the echo runs through blood Thousands of generation begin as a bud Blooms, live, decays and then blooms again Somewhere the drought and somewhere, the rain The pain they hide, the smiles they share Some are just thoughts, while some nightmares Unknown faces and thousands of stories Wearisome eyes hiding the tale of glories What you think and what I actually meant! The differences do sometime make a dent The deception in your perception Beyond the way of comprehension What it justifies, what not! Figuring out a way to ease the knot When everyone walks the path undecided Seen, unseen yet the dreams ignited Holds the key from you to me Only our beating hearts can see

Senryu: Published in FemkuMag

clear water
the transparency
of her flaws

 - Bhawana

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I walk alone

Under The seven published Haiku

I root myself
back again

moonless sky
all the stars
disappear too

the shadows of grass
lean back

autumn equinox
the weight of thoughts
drowns each step

twilight song
the everlasting ring
of a temple bell

moonlit sky
the stillness of water
in my thoughts

a cuckoo’s song
the aroma of rain
in my coffee cup

Bhawana So, glad to be accepted in Under The Basho.
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